double and electric bass extraordinaire

Headshot of Leland Byrd with a Double Bass

Leland Byrd is a musician who specializes in the upright and electric bass.  Teaching and playing are what he loves best about the Contrabass, upright bass, double bass, bass fiddle, string bass, big cello, or whatever you like to call it.  The double bass found Leland in his 5th grade Orchestra class, and he continues to stay true to his classical roots in local (semi-pro) orchestras around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  He also has experience with jazz,rockfusionworld music, chamber/contemporary music, blues, bluegrass, wind bands, and (his favorite) baroque music!  The Electric bass was a gift from his father for his fourteenth birthday.  Electric bass has allowed him to travel overseas to perform, and he loves the modern sounds of this instrument!  As his most frequent audience members, Leland’s family is an amazing inspiration and support for his musical career. As a college student at Southern Methodist University, he has had many fortunate experiences with great musicians that led him to discover a love for teaching.  Leland truly believe music can be taught to anyone, and the teacher must take humble pride with everything their student plays; wrong notes and beautiful ones alike.

Leland will perform John Luther Adams’s The Farthest Place
in the [Untitled] Festival’s concert DREAMING on March 28, 2012.


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